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So Excited Yet So Scared

On this Saturday I made it to the Group Interview process for the RA position. Whether or not I get hired will be based on well I did. Getting hired to a Residence Life position is a three step process. First you turn in your application, and if its impressive enough you get make it to the next stage which is an interview. During the interview you are interviewed by four different people two at a time, two RAs and two RDs, and those who did well enough on that made it to the group process. The group process consisted of all those who made it that far breaking up into small to do challenges, the purpose being to determine how each of us would do in the job.

Each step was very different. Applying requires giving factual details about how you qualify, writing it in such a way that makes you sound as impressive as possible. Being interviewed is not about what you say, but how you say it. The group process thrust me into situations that required me to cooperate with others, and it was important not to try and be the star. I’ve talked to a lot of Residence Life staff ever since I was considering applying, and a few of them said that I have a really good chance of making it and my interviewers were very impressed at my answers. One even said that I will probably be hired on grounds that I’m “one of the most popular students on campus.” I’m not sure how accurate that statement is, but it sure gave me a good shot of ego power.

Tomorrow I will find out if I am hired. One half of me is bouncing in excitement, and the other half is twitching in nervousness. All you faithful readers should learn the results within 24 hours. 

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