No future, no future for you

I know that sounds bad, but its that’s just how it is where I come from. Wal-Mart and the Federal Prison are the top two employers in the county, but in fairness the latter is a damn good job. The society is predominately middle class, but there are definitely some areas that are very poor and somewhat scary to go by. Its a hick town, to be nice. A hick town that has a higher murder rate per capita than the Seattle area. We are also considered a hotspot for meth production; though its not as bad Missouri or Montana I could easily see Breaking Bad taking place there. Not only is their a shortage of jobs, that is part of a shortage of things to do and places to buy stuff. Even the most diehard anti Wal-Mart crusader would end up going shopping their at least once a month because our Fred Meyer is just a grocery store. We have about five thrift stores, but I don’t think Macklemore could manage to find anything good to where at any of them. There used to be a bowling alley, but that burnt down. The Godfather’s went out of business. And I can’t even count the number of ill fated small businesses.

It’s hard not to exaggerate (living their isn’t as bad as I make it seem), but I’m certainly glad I don’t live there anymore.


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