I think about this a lot

I’ve always wondered: What will people think when I die? There is no doubt in my mind that many, many people will grieve my loss, assuming I don’t get severely alienated from all of them some time between now and my departure (or am not a sole survivor of some truly terrible cataclysm). However, what my obituary(ies) will actually say is where my intrigue in the subject of my death lays. The content of one’s obituary is simply one of those great unknowns. What do I want it to say? I’ve already talked about my general reputation and I know that will be mentioned, but I’m not sure what my legacy will be. If I die within the next few years (it’s quite possible), I’m sure it will have something to do with being a dedicated student and something to that effect. If I die several years from now (hopefully that is more likely), what my legacy will be is anyone’s guess. I have no idea will my life will go and the future is unwritten.

What do I actually want my legacy to be? As long as people miss me I would be content. Not that I would have any way of knowing.   




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