Getting in Bed is Hard

In all honesty, if I’m in bed before 1:30 I feel very accomplished. 1:45 is satisfactory and before 1:00 is almost unheard of. It’s not going to sleep that hard (staying awake during the day where the challenge is found), but rather all the stuff I need or want done before I end my day. I have to be out of bed by 8:30 MWF and 9:00 Tuesday and Thursday, so I’m hardly getting the recommended amount of sleep. I landed an interview for that RA position I mentioned earlier, and the current RA have all told me that they are usually busy until the same time that I am, so I will be perfectly used to that should I get hired.


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2 responses to “Getting in Bed is Hard

  1. So, you are a fellow “owl” ))

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