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Remembrance of Things Past

At my school each dorm hall has a different theme that is changed once a semester. When I returned to campus this semester I walked through one hall and the new theme was the ’90s. The walls are covered in posters of all the icons of ’90s pop culture. Pokemon, Rugrats, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Hey Arnold, Reccess, and several other childhood shows that I had completely forgotten about are all visible. Seeing this actually took me back to my childhood. For perhaps a minute I was mentally and spiritually transported back about sixteen years. It was brief, and I could feel myself jolt back to 2014. There are fairly regular occurances of me having nostalgia, but that was the first time I had a full blown flashback. At twenty I am a full adult, but I don’t feel dramtically different than I did in my late teens. My early childhood seems like a dream. It quite possibly was.


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Presidential Ambitions

While becoming an RA is currently up in limbo for me, new opportunities have already presented themselves. One of my friends told me that I should run for President of the Latino Student Alliance, on grounds that I “know a lot about our people.” Running for that position had never occurred to me, and thinking it over it probably is something that I would enjoy. Our current president will be graduating this semester, so we will have to find a new leader. I’ve talked about this with a couple other people, and they all seem to think that I am well suited for it. For the first several LSA meeting I went to I felt like I was the one who was the most out of touch with the culture, so hearing people say that I would make a good leader really made me feel like I entirely fit in. So I when the time comes I will run. If I end up getting the RA position I will take that and someone else will have to be club president, I don’t think I could do both. It looks like next school year has some pretty big potential for me, but what will actually materialize is anyone’s guess.


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Dream Quest

This is the beginning of one of my favorite series, the Dream Cycle. It is about a parallel world that can only be accessed through manipulating ones own dreams. The rest of the series can be found on YouTube. Do be warned, these stories were written in the ’20s and some of the content may offend modern readers.


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Down But Not Out

Just received the anticipated letter. I was selected to be an alternate. I was bummed, and when I told my mom she was sad to hear it (I could even overhear my brother express disappointment). However I was talking with one of the RAs, one who interviewed me incidentally, and she said that I should actually be FLATTERED to be an alternate. Apparently those who are picked to be alternates are ones that they know can be counted on, and that many people who are less certain will get hired as a second chance because there are always a few people who dropped out. After speaking with her I was highly relieved.

The hardest part is over. At least know I can get some sleep tonight.




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So Excited Yet So Scared

On this Saturday I made it to the Group Interview process for the RA position. Whether or not I get hired will be based on well I did. Getting hired to a Residence Life position is a three step process. First you turn in your application, and if its impressive enough you get make it to the next stage which is an interview. During the interview you are interviewed by four different people two at a time, two RAs and two RDs, and those who did well enough on that made it to the group process. The group process consisted of all those who made it that far breaking up into small to do challenges, the purpose being to determine how each of us would do in the job.

Each step was very different. Applying requires giving factual details about how you qualify, writing it in such a way that makes you sound as impressive as possible. Being interviewed is not about what you say, but how you say it. The group process thrust me into situations that required me to cooperate with others, and it was important not to try and be the star. I’ve talked to a lot of Residence Life staff ever since I was considering applying, and a few of them said that I have a really good chance of making it and my interviewers were very impressed at my answers. One even said that I will probably be hired on grounds that I’m “one of the most popular students on campus.” I’m not sure how accurate that statement is, but it sure gave me a good shot of ego power.

Tomorrow I will find out if I am hired. One half of me is bouncing in excitement, and the other half is twitching in nervousness. All you faithful readers should learn the results within 24 hours. 

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Day of Procrastination

Unfortunately, not doing anything tomorrow would just hurt me later on. If I dedicate an entire day to doing stuff I want to do, it will only accumulate what I have to do later on. As much as I would like to spend the day hanging out with friends and maybe gooning around the mall, then spend the night watching Robot Chicken, I wouldn’t have the energy to get anything done the day ofter. In the infinite wisdom of Benjamin Franklin:  

“Don’t put off for tomorrow what you could get done today.”


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It Used To Be Called a “Hat”

When I first heard kids talk about snapbacks I was curious as to what that was. All it is is a ballcap that has those stud things adjust the size. I was baffled that the way a hat could be fastened was now a major fashion statement. Back in the ’90s pretty much all ballcaps were like that, so calling it a snapback wouldn’t have made sense since there was nothing to compare it to. We called them hats.


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Improper Birthday Songs

Nothing gets under my skin more than when people say “cha-cha-cha” between verses of Happy Birthday. That is the most tacky and mind numbingly stupid thing anyone could possibly do and anyone who does it should really break that atrocious habit. If I was a dictator or absolute monarch any offender would be shot on sight. Ok, maybe that’s a bit far. Still, I really hate that chachahca shit. On my seventeenth birthday my siblings thought it would be really funny if they did it to me. I had everyone resing the song the proper way.


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No future, no future for you

I know that sounds bad, but its that’s just how it is where I come from. Wal-Mart and the Federal Prison are the top two employers in the county, but in fairness the latter is a damn good job. The society is predominately middle class, but there are definitely some areas that are very poor and somewhat scary to go by. Its a hick town, to be nice. A hick town that has a higher murder rate per capita than the Seattle area. We are also considered a hotspot for meth production; though its not as bad Missouri or Montana I could easily see Breaking Bad taking place there. Not only is their a shortage of jobs, that is part of a shortage of things to do and places to buy stuff. Even the most diehard anti Wal-Mart crusader would end up going shopping their at least once a month because our Fred Meyer is just a grocery store. We have about five thrift stores, but I don’t think Macklemore could manage to find anything good to where at any of them. There used to be a bowling alley, but that burnt down. The Godfather’s went out of business. And I can’t even count the number of ill fated small businesses.

It’s hard not to exaggerate (living their isn’t as bad as I make it seem), but I’m certainly glad I don’t live there anymore.


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The Ballad of William Walker

This is a (mostly) true story, so listen up:

Born in a one room shack in Tennessee
Then poorest state in the land of the free
Sure he was hick but was smart as can be
He passed the Bar when he was only three
William, William Walker ’tis of him I sing!

In New Orleans he practiced law
Then headed West as an outlaw
His dueling record without flaw
He was the smartest bastard the Frontier saw
William, William Walker a true gentleman thief!

He met up with pirates in San Francisco
They headed down to Mexico
Annexing Sonora promised serious dough
Creating new for land for slaves to grow
William, William Walker the man who don’t know bounds!

His project lasted one brief time
‘Till Mexico deported him without a dime
And put on trial for his illustrious crime
Got acquitted and a song of freedom he did chime
William, William Walker should have learned something!

He looked to Nicaragua where he saw a prize
A potential canal of tremendous size
Many adventurers answered his plies
They boarded their ships and descended like flies
William, William Walker crossing a point of no return!

They raped and pillaged the Mosquito Coast
Something Walker would proudly boast
The Nicaraguans proved an unhappy host
Since it was them who suffered most
William, William Walker Nicaragua’s would be king!

Expansionism sure brought him much joy
Adding Costa Rica was his next ploy
And for him that was rather coy
But his base was torched by a Costa Rican drummer boy
William, William Walker will he learn his lesson yet?

Never one to learn from a mistake
Nicaragua was too lucrative a cake
In Managua he plotted the next move to make
And won an election that was surely fake!
William, William Walker never gonna give it up!

Naturally he wanted more
And dreamed of the riches he could store
Having no problems with blood and gore
He invaded Honduras which was just next door
William, William Walker living out Manifest Destiny!

Things didn’t go so very well
It was to the Honduran army that he fell
They tied him to a post and rung a bell
Then the squad fired and now Walker’s in hell
William, William Walker what a wasted life!



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