Daily Archives: January 17, 2014

That Funny Guy Who Knows a Lot (or that smart guy who’s really funny)

With virtually every circle I have been in, I have been told countless times that I was very funny, and very smart. I don’t try to cultivate any particular image, it just happens naturally. There are too many times to count when I have said some which people thought was hilarious yet I wasn’t trying to be funny. When I do, it’s usually with one of the 200+ Chuck Norris jokes (or CNJs) I know; the appropriateness of which varies according to the audience. The smart thing is similar, something I do not try to show off. However, I am usually in good standing with professors and classmates for my contributions to class discussions, to the extent where I am sought after for my input. I am also one of those people who everyone knows, despite not knowing everybody. On campus not a day goes by when someone I don’t even recognize greets me by name.



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