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Done With the Semester

Today I did my last finals, so I will be going back home tomorrow morning. I would like to let everyone know that I intend to be taking a sabbatical for most of winter break, so don’t expect regular posts from me until next semester.

Have a good holiday and I hope you enjoy the rest of 2014.

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Fire Alarms

Last week I was up around close to one in the computer lab, trying to get a final assignment finished for Political Science. At about that time I heard the dorm fire alarms go off. It wasn’t a courteous bell or even a siren, it was a wretched screeching noise that went off nonstop. I was already in by pajamas and barefoot, so I rushed to the staircase to so I could go into my room and grab my shoes, only to find that the stairs were closed off. That meant I had to evacuate to the parking lot and freeze my feet off until someone was nice enough to give me there socks (which helped only somewhat). Around this point the fire department came and were investigating the room. When it became clear that it would be a while the RAs said that we could all calmly walk over to another dorm building and just hang out in the lobby. While I was in there I remembered the lecture on fire safety that all the freshman had to listen to. We were told that the top cause of fires in colleges were arsonists by a landslide. Most pyromaniacs, but in many cases pyrophiliacs. At that point I was rather peeved that I had to risk freezing by ass off because some weirdo wanted a thrill of possibly sexual nature. After about forty minutes we were told that our dorm was safe and we could go back in. Turns out there was no fire, just a broken alarm system. Hey, at least the broken alarms DID go off!


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Change your outlook

I was watching the Prince of Egypt with a couple friends a little bit ago and I thought this song had a really good message.

So remember, don’t feel like your blog isn’t worthy. Together, all of our blogs form WordPress.


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Requiestat en Pace

I’m pretty sure innumerable other bloggers have written about this, but one of the greatest men of our age died yesterday. Nelson Mandela was exceptional for many reasons, and while his death was not unexpected it is no less tragic. Through years of dedication, hard work, and courage he managed to defy the odds and down one of the most corrupt and oppressive regimes in recent memory. He did so through peacefull means, and helped create a South Africa where people of all backgrounds could live in peace; not resorting to the collective guilt policie’s like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe. Though the new South Africa is far from perfect, it is a place that has been getting better over time.

Mr. Mandela is best known for his multiple decades spent in prison on Robben Island. He was a political prisoner, imprisoned for challenging the establishment. However there is another civil rights activist who has incarcerated for over thirty years, right here in America. His name is Leonard Peltier and he was a prominent American Indian Movement (AIM) member until he was arrested and convicted of phony charges of murdering two FBI officers. The charges against him have been thoroughly discredited, yet he remains in prison because the government is too damn proud to admit that they have imprisoned an innocent man for so long. However, there is still hope for Peltier. The more awareness that is spread about his case, the more likely it is that he will be freed. Mandela’s story may have ended, but there is much work left to be done.

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Be Prepared

I would bring a machete, regular outdoor knife, fire flint, water filter, and a volleyball.



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What publicity stunt should Putin do next?

It’s no secret that Russia’s elected dictator oops, ugh, President Putin is rather fond of doing crazy shit o establish his place as an alpha male. Whether it’s formula one racing, hang gliding with cranes, hunting Siberian tigers, and doing a bunch of other stuff with his shirt off, it’s pretty clear he loves being the center of attention. For a former director of the KBG who is involved with selling arms to repressive regimes while violating civil rights in his own country, I just can’t view him as evil. He is just too goofy. Me and a couple of classmates from my Russian Lit class came up with some ideas for what he should pull next. In no particular order:

1. Guest star at a Professional Bull Riding (PBR) tournament
2. Approve for his likeness to be used as a playable fighter in the next Mortal Kombat
3. Perform on a polar bear themed float at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
4. Become an ordained minister in The Church of Subgenius
5. Tour with Parliament Funkadelic as a pimped out version of Alexander Pushkin
6. Compete in Lucha Libre
7. Walk a tightrope across the Grand Canyon
8. Portray Count Vronksy in a “liberty taking” remake of Anna Karenina
9. Wrestle crocodiles in Australia
10. Be a Merman at Sea World
11. Dance at Chippendales
12. Become the new mascot for Dos Equis (after all he is the TRUE Most Interesting Man in the World)

If you have any other good ideas for stuff he should do, please share!

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