Shit that’s a toughy!

Honestly, I’m not sure. Each one would be pretty damn cool. Being able to speak any language would be amazing, I could literally go ANYWHERE I wanted and be able to communicate with EVERYONE. That means I could translate my blog into at least all the major internet languages, creating an audience for my blog much bigger than I have now. Anyone ever read Valeriu D.G. Barbu’s blog? All of his poems are trilingual, writing in his native Romanian along with English and Italian. If you could speak everything you could have centilingual poems if you really wanted to. Time travel would be cool but you really couldn’t go much further back than 500 years considering that English before then would be unintelligible to us. Speaking every language + time travel = awesome. Getting any two people to agree with one another would be great, but the Colbert Report would be super boring if the House GOP agreed with Obama. All powers mixed together? That’s where it’s at! You could go back and say, Moses and Pharaoh to agree with each other. Or anyone else really.


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