Just Yesterday

I was sitting in class yesterday, listening to a lecture like any other day when someone stuck their head in the door and said “we’re under lockdown” and swiftly went back to whence they came. So we locked the door and stood up against the wall. At first we were a little nervous, as it could have been anything from a drill to the next Virginia Tech. One of us checked their phone, to find out the lockdown was due to an unidentified man with a knife. We were greatly relieved, as it meant we would be okay. On the other hand, we hated standing up against a wall for ten minutes. Seriously, wouldn’t locking the door have been enough for a knife? Unless the knife carrier was on bath salts or maybe meth or PCP I’m pretty sure a locked door would have sufficed. It’s over now, and I’ve found that the scariest times can be when danger is actually minimal.




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14 responses to “Just Yesterday

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  12. KG

    OMG..that is scary. But better to be scared and yet safe than being sorry.

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