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Shit that’s a toughy!

Honestly, I’m not sure. Each one would be pretty damn cool. Being able to speak any language would be amazing, I could literally go ANYWHERE I wanted and be able to communicate with EVERYONE. That means I could translate my blog into at least all the major internet languages, creating an audience for my blog much bigger than I have now. Anyone ever read Valeriu D.G. Barbu’s blog? All of his poems are trilingual, writing in his native Romanian along with English and Italian. If you could speak everything you could have centilingual poems if you really wanted to. Time travel would be cool but you really couldn’t go much further back than 500 years considering that English before then would be unintelligible to us. Speaking every language + time travel = awesome. Getting any two people to agree with one another would be great, but the Colbert Report would be super boring if the House GOP agreed with Obama. All powers mixed together? That’s where it’s at! You could go back and say, Moses and Pharaoh to agree with each other. Or anyone else really.


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Just Yesterday

I was sitting in class yesterday, listening to a lecture like any other day when someone stuck their head in the door and said “we’re under lockdown” and swiftly went back to whence they came. So we locked the door and stood up against the wall. At first we were a little nervous, as it could have been anything from a drill to the next Virginia Tech. One of us checked their phone, to find out the lockdown was due to an unidentified man with a knife. We were greatly relieved, as it meant we would be okay. On the other hand, we hated standing up against a wall for ten minutes. Seriously, wouldn’t locking the door have been enough for a knife? Unless the knife carrier was on bath salts or maybe meth or PCP I’m pretty sure a locked door would have sufficed. It’s over now, and I’ve found that the scariest times can be when danger is actually minimal.


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Master and Margarita: A Review

The most recent book I have finished reading is The Master and Margatita by Mikhail Bulgakov. It tells the story of the Devil showing up in Moscow one day, some time in the late 1930s and follows him and his entourage across the town as they cause a number of outrageous incidents. While the satirical elements may not resonate with those unfamiliar with Stalin-era Soviet history (such as the Apartment Crisis), the events and characters will definitely compensate. The titular Master is a novelist who is writing a novel within a novel, which tells the story of Pontius Pilate and creates an amazing juxtaposition between modern Moscow and ancient Jerusalem. This overlaps with a retelling of the Faust legend. What makes the novel so brilliant are all of the characters, including the Devil who is shown as a stage magician and professor of the occult, a witch who is always naked, a dwarf vampire, Jesus, and giant talking cat who gives Garfield and the Cheshire Cat a run for their money. Oh, and accordion playing chimpanzees show up at one point. This is the best book I have read all year. You should read it. You shouldn’t be disappointed.


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High on my list of things I would never do. Up there with rollarcoasters, and visiting such destinations as Somalia and North Korea. Yeah adrenaline activities scare me that much.


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Evil: A Haiku

It is in all us

We must control it or else

Many could suffer



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Well Mr. Lipton,

1. “Bigness”

2. Pep

3. Good artwork, anything by William Blake especially

4. One Direction or whatever commercial “band” junior high girls are squealing over now

5. Pendejo

6. Pushing the “Enter” button on a TV remote can make a cool sound

7. The curb stomp from American History X

8. Vanna White’s job

9. Where to begin?

10. You’re gonna love it here!

Kudos for being one the best Daily Prompts I’ve ever seen.


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Hello! I am a published author with a BA in History. The intention of this blog is to create a venue for fans to stay up to date with my work and to promote my stuff to those who may have never heard of me otherwise. I have written a number of novels and short stories ranging from my current emphasis on historical fiction to earlier works of science fiction and fantasy. The biggest influences on my writing are Mark Twain, Bernard Cornwell, H.P. Lovecraft, Dante, and Jorge Luis Borges. Though I have no intention for this blog to be religious in nature, I do go on several service (not evangelism) oriented mission trips to various places; I always share about those to incorporate an element of travel blogging. Thank you for visiting me!


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Pirates of the Mediterranean



The last thing I searched for were the Barbary Corsairs, who were North African pirates who were a powerful force for several hundred years. They raided ships of every significant power in the region and built a huge market of white slaves. I did this search for a research project in my African Civ class. Here are the Bing results:


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Review of Häxan

During this weekend I went home and caught up on my DVR. One film that I watched was a 1922 Danish production called Häxan or Witchcraft Through the Ages. Häxan is a docudrama providing an in depth look at Medieval beliefs about witches, which is dramatized though a series of vignettes. The conclusion about these beliefs is that witches and people suffering from demon possession are merely misunderstood sufferers of mental disorders. Contemporary sequences about the now discredited disease “hysteria” are added to draw parallels between ancient superstition and modern quack medicine. Each segment is wondrously realized with stunning visuals, brought to life with costumes, makeup, and visual effects. Do be warned that Häxan is silent, if you wouldn’t watch a movie simply because it doesn’t have sound than this isn’t for you. However, if you have watched any silent classic (Charlie Chaplin doesn’t count) like Metropolis or Nosferatu you will understand just how visually arresting silent era movies can be. Highly recommended and available free online via public domain.


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I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire

I just to start a great big flame in my mind as the world is destroyed. I don’t know that I would want to have a final meal with everyone. Personally, I would much rather go outside and walk as far as I could. Along the way I would contemplate my life, what might have been, and things like that as I watch the world turn to chaos before my eyes. Most people will probably be destroying the city, so perhaps the last thing I eat will be some food that I conveniant “come across.” Nothing brings out the worst of people like certain coming doom, so I could only expect the worst. Watching the ensueing disruption will be quite a spectacle to behold.


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