I Recently Took a Personality Test

My First Year Seminar class required us to take it and write a paper about it. I took it as part of a personal profile extra credit assignment for English 101, though I did not pay much attention to the results. This time I did, and I found the findings to be fascinating. There are Four Temperaments, each one with four different personality types within them; giving us a total of 16 different personalities. Each one of us fits into one of them.


I am an INTP, which is an Introverted Rational type known as “The Architect.” According to the reading on INTP, it is what Einstein was. If you read the page on INTP, I think you will get to know me very well without knowing any facts about me. http://keirsey.com/4temps/architect.asp

Most people take this test because they are required to, as I did, but I recommend going ahead and taking it yourself. You will know yourself much better and will understand others better as well.




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