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Crunch + Comes in a Bag = Not Always Chips

Nameless aquaintance: Cheetoes are my favorite kind of chips!

Me: Except for one small detail, Cheetoes are not chips.

NA: But they’re crunchy and they come in a bag!

Me: So are pretzels. Cheetoes are cheese puffs. Do you consider other kinds of cheese puffs to be chips?

NA: No.

Me: Then why do you STILL think cheetoes are chips?

NA: Because they’re made buy the same people who make Lays and Doritos!

Me: Frito-Lay is owned buy Pepsi-Co, so buy your “logic” all of those fine products are actually soda. Hey, they’re made by the same people!

NA: Cheetoes are chips! They come in a bag, they’re crunchy, and you buy them in a vending machine!

Me: Pretzels make all of your listed criteria. So by your sloppy reasoning pretzels too are chips.

NA: But pretzels aren’t chips!

Me: Correct. Chips by definition have to be sliced off of something, usually a potato or tortilla, and fried. Neither applies to pretzels nor Cheetos.

NA: Cheetos are too chips!

Me: Have you read the bottom of a bag of Lays, Doritos, or Fritos? They all say specifically that they are chips. Cheetos bags say they are a “cheese flavored snack,” not chips.

NA: Does all fruit need to be labeled for it to be fruit?

Me: No. And you what? Forget it. Either your too stubborn to change your mind, or your too proud to admit you were wrong.



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