Legos WERE my childhood

The title says it all. No doubt about it, LEGOs were my favorite toy growing up. I never owned a G.I., I did have some Hot Wheels and action figures (mainly superhero related), but I owned hundreds of LEGOs. On pretty every birthday and Christmas I would get a couple of sets, so my collection was constantly growing from the time I was eight to about twelve. The main reason I wanted new sets was for the pieces that I would build my own creations with. I was always coming up with some elaborate project that I was going to do, which I would inevitably scrap when I realized I didn’t have enough of the right pieces (or in the correct color).

The most ambitious thing I completed were the pyramids of Giza (deceptively simple to build) complete with a Sphinx. It was amazing, but it only lasted for like to days before my brother demolished the Sphinx (he was maybe four) for shits and giggles and I was unable to rebuild it. Amuzingly he is far more creative than I ever was with LEGOs, he builds several quality items a month; largely because he doesn’t worry about the things I did. Around the time I was thirteen or so I slowly stopped playing with LEGOs, I just sort of moved on and they are a very expensive hobby. I used to want to become a professional Master Builder for Lego Land, but I don’t think that will happen. I still want to go to Lego Land someday.

legoman legoman2


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6 responses to “Legos WERE my childhood

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  3. JD

    My 7yo loves LEGOS. He will take a box full of these tiny pieces, go into his room and come out an hour later with this insane creation. They are a pretty awesome toy. =)

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  6. Your post could be a future blog post by my now 10yo. Our house feels like a Lego shop in shop at times. He could build anything with the brick he has, but there is always a new box or a limited edition figure to be collected. I almost wish I would be interested in girls…

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