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A Day Without Food

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Most of the time I spent doing reading for school. Sometimes I would feel hungry, so I would just have to stay in my dorm building where there wasn’t any food. Then I would remember all of the people in Syria who are struggling to live another day. After several hours of studying, I decided to catch a bus to the mall to take a break and refresh myself. People were just going about there day, and you couldn’t guess that there was a fratricidal war going on that our country may end up involved with. Of course I’m sure many shoppers are just as aware as I am, but I’m sure others were not. Walking by the food court was very difficult, but once I got on the bus back to campus I felt much better. I failed to go a full 24 hours without food, not because I gave up but because the cafeteria closes at 7:00 and I didn’t want to go 26 hours without food. The secret was to drink water.

Lots and lots of water.Here I am now, waiting for Congress to come to a decision. Whatever they decide, I hope the best for the people of Syria. No one deserves to experience what they are going through.

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