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The Wild Hunt: A Poem

My last restless night

Was such a blight,

I moved head

And rolled around in my bed.

So I strolled outside;

My backyard is very wide.

The stars were out in full glory,

I saw the wonders of the galaxy.

Next thing you know

Out came a galloping White Buffalo!


Yes! It was flying!

It must have feared dying!

And that fear was sure justified!

Out came a horseman, clad in a lion’s hide.

A raven stood on each shoulder,

I sight I wish would stay in my mind’s folder.

He raised his jeweled spear

and gazed at me with his one eye.

I understood that poor bison’s fear.

Then the horseman blew a carved horn and dashed across the sky,

A pack of Dire Wolves followed there Master

I felt the ground shake as they moved faster.

More horseman came to pursue

as well as many horsewomen too.

They all wore grand helms

and wielded bows crafted from the finest elms.

So many hunters out for blood!


The White Bison’s fate was sure not good!

My mind began to debate

What did the poor bovine to do to deserve this fate?

After fifteen minutes the spectral horde was gone

And I hoped that experience made my insomnia undone.

I returned to my room

Then contemplated that majestic creature’s doom..

That experience was such a curse

Now my insomnia is even worse!

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I’m No Perfectionist

There really isn’t anything that I am constantly doing day after day in attempt to perfect it. Yes, when school is in I do pretty much the same thing day after day, yet I do not strive to achieve perfection. Sometimes I try to work harder and be better with my time, but that is different from perfection as far as I am concerned.

I try not to aim for perfection because I feel it is an unattainable goal. There will always be something I could have done better, no matter how well I do I will find something that was suboptimal. So I don’t set high expectations. After all the higher you set your goals, the higher a risk of failing will be and the higher your disappointment will be.



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