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Breaking Bad Finale: So. Damn. Good.

Unless you’re Amish, you probably knew that the season finale of Breaking Bad aired last night. As much as I hated it coming to an end, I found it to be the most satisfactory finales I have seen. Everything was tied up very nicely, and the few loose ends that remained were better left alone. Vince promised to give an ending that was very ugly, and he certainly kept his word. The whole episode had me on the edge of my seat, just like the entire series did. Most likely it will be a long time until a show of this quality comes again, it’s just a rare sort of thing. If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad do start on it, you will see what the fuss is all about.

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My life has a lot of literal junk

I hate to admit it, but it’s too true. If you didn’t look at yesterday’s prompt, you may be under the impression that I am graduating today. Well I am not. My university life is very much ahead of me. You should see my room. Actually, no you shouldn’t. It’s a mess; both my half and and my roommate’s have. We’re too busy working on class work to pick up after ourselves and things have really accumulated. I have been procrastinating cleaning up my room but know I suspect it got the better of me. Yesterday I had a huge allergy outbreak, which I think my have come from the empty smoothy cup that was in my wastebasket (I do throw away my garbage, I just don’t put other stuff away) which had moldy spot on it. I took out my garbage and am airing out my room. I’m not sure if that is what caused it, since I did start caughing and getting my nose clogged when I was visiting my parents. All I know that that I am have a hard time getting anything done. And I hope to God that I will be better in time for the Breaking Bad finale party.


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Graduation is Tomorrow!

I can’t believe tomorrow is the big day, I will be graduate with my BA. All those years of dedication and hard work are finally over. Now my education is done and I can begin my the rest of my adult life. I have my academic robes purchases, and I have made sure the colors and length of my hood is correct. Not sure what I will do and where I will go now, all I know is that a discernable section of my life is behind me. It doesn’t seem like all that long ago I was sitting down to my first class of English 101. and it seems like only yesterday that I wrote a post about my perception of time.

robes robes ii proccession

Pretending is so fun.


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My Perception of Time

Yes, I definately can feel time slow down when I am hyped about something. The most recent time I felt that was the night before I moved into my dorm. I maybe got three or four hours of sleep, I really don’t know but I functioned perfectly fine on that big day. I felt similar the day before I went to Yellowstone, but I think the main culprit for not being able to sleep on that night was the fact I was sleeping in a church sanctuary (click on the tag for Montana for further context) which is not the most comfortable place to sleep; although I lucky enough to get to share an air matress with a friend, which is rather awkward. Airplanes are another place where time slows down for me. Flying to Costa Rica (another sleepless night before) was very grueling for me and it seemed to last much longer than the ten hours that it actually did. Flying back home, seemed much quicker.

A friend of mine went to the midnight release of GTA V and he said that was one of the longest hours he has experienced. If you don’t play video games it would be difficult to explain that, if you do than no explanation is necessary.

Its rather interesting that this Prompt be posted when it has. Right now I am reading La Commedia Divina which has some very interesting insights about the nature of time, specifically Dante’s ideas about time that were the paradigm in the Middle Ages. When I read Inferno I can feel time go by very fast, as it is a very fascinating work. When I am reading Anna Karenina, for another class, I can feel time go slow. It’s not a bad book, its just a labor to read in four weeks juggled with about three other books.

Time is fluid and open to interpretation.



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I would be overjoyous. Such an occasion would have to be made special, so I would invite every friend I have. As great as it would be to go somewhere to celebrate, that wouldn’t be wise as we would probably get kicked out of wherever we went for having to much fun. Way too much fun! So much festivity that it would HAVE to take place at my house because we don’t want to get banned from anywhere. However living in my unkempt dorm such a party is not really possible, so I would have to go to my old house and in a way that would be going somewhere special. Of course, this is a hypothetical party: so sky’s the limit.

champagne pepper alphorn


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Bye bye Bashar

I’d go to Syria and spray Al Assad and his inner circle with a healthy dose of their own chemical weapons. They’ve caused so much pain and suffering, so having all time frozen would be the perfect opportunity for some Karmic balance. Sure he turned over them, but he’s acting like a thief who isn’t sorry for what they stole but is sure as hell sorry they could end up in The Hague for war crimes. I know many of the rebel factions aren’t much better than him, but it would be satisfying to be the one who finally took him down.


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The Epic of Sundiata: A Review

This week I finished reading a book most of you have probably never heard of (unless you are from West Africa), The Epic of Sundiata. It is Mali’s national epic and is a fictionalized biography of Mali’s first emperor, Sundiata Keita. He turned Mali into the strongest empire in the region, creating a formidible trade power profiteering off of Mali strategic location. Because his story passed orally from generation to generation, many obvious embellishments exist within the narrative. Western scholars have dissmissed oral accounts as being unreliable, however any discerning reader should be able to sort fact from fiction and The Epic provides a rare look into life in 13th century West Africa.


The entire narrative follow’s closely with the Hero’s Journey as described by Joseph Campbell. For those of you not aware, the Hero’s Journey is a lazy ass formula used in multimillion dollar franchises such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Matrix, recently with the Hunger Games, and too many other stories to count. One noted example is Lion King, which some Sundiata readers have even accused Disney of copying from. I and many other classmates noticed the resemblance, however there are a couple major differences which lead me to conclude they are merely to monomyths set in Africa. Sundiata’s father was known as the “Lion”, so I guess he was a literal Lion King.


I really enjoyed the Epic of Sundiata. It is a quick read at only 85 pages, so it is well worth your time.

horse mosque archer

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No need for that silliness

For the most part I am totally comfortable with public speaking. All it takes is for me to know what I am going to say ahead of time. Even when put on the spotlight unexpectedly, I will improvize and have faith in my performance. Whatever the circumstance that I am speaking, I have never found it neccessary to picture them naked or any other cheezy ass “method” like that. I earned my Public Speaking merit badge in Boy Scouts, which was probably one of the easiest ones I ever earned; granted I did not earn that many. Every time a do a public speech I am given compliments and often praise for my performance, which is why I am totally at peace when presenting.


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But I love all my senses!

Seriously, I wouldn’t want to give any of them up. Each one of them is a gift, and each one provides a fundamentally different aspect of life’s perception. I don’t care how sharp I could have another sense, I just done see how it could truly compensate for the sense that was lost. Okay fine, I realize that the purpose of the prompt is to make up my mind about that. I guess I would give up smell. Of all the senses it is probably the least useful. While there are many pleasures that can be experienced only via smell, there are just as many crippling stenches. The sense I would enhance is an easy one: sight. My eyesight was 20/70 at the time of my last checkup and it is only getting worse. So if I had super sight I would be a super human. Who wouldn’t want to be that?


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Crunch + Comes in a Bag = Not Always Chips

Nameless aquaintance: Cheetoes are my favorite kind of chips!

Me: Except for one small detail, Cheetoes are not chips.

NA: But they’re crunchy and they come in a bag!

Me: So are pretzels. Cheetoes are cheese puffs. Do you consider other kinds of cheese puffs to be chips?

NA: No.

Me: Then why do you STILL think cheetoes are chips?

NA: Because they’re made buy the same people who make Lays and Doritos!

Me: Frito-Lay is owned buy Pepsi-Co, so buy your “logic” all of those fine products are actually soda. Hey, they’re made by the same people!

NA: Cheetoes are chips! They come in a bag, they’re crunchy, and you buy them in a vending machine!

Me: Pretzels make all of your listed criteria. So by your sloppy reasoning pretzels too are chips.

NA: But pretzels aren’t chips!

Me: Correct. Chips by definition have to be sliced off of something, usually a potato or tortilla, and fried. Neither applies to pretzels nor Cheetos.

NA: Cheetos are too chips!

Me: Have you read the bottom of a bag of Lays, Doritos, or Fritos? They all say specifically that they are chips. Cheetos bags say they are a “cheese flavored snack,” not chips.

NA: Does all fruit need to be labeled for it to be fruit?

Me: No. And you what? Forget it. Either your too stubborn to change your mind, or your too proud to admit you were wrong.


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