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One Down, 18 To Go

Well my first week of my first university semester is now done. Typical of first days of classes, the period of each class was dedicated largely to handing out and dissecting syllabi. The second periods were more down to business, so right now I am in the “get in the zone before it gets too hectic” mode. My reading load is much heavier than I have EVER had, a total of 17 books not counting various online articles and scholarly papers. Only $200 for all of them, a price which is a steal for a biology textbook that will be obsolete in a few years. I have adjusted quite well to living on campus, I get along with my roommate well and I am getting to know most people in my dorm.

Everything is really quite right now because most people have already driven home for Labor Day weekend. I will be going home tomorrow and will only be staying a night; I feel its too early be visiting home but my mom insisted.

Overall I would say that the transition is going much smoother than I thought it would.

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