First of all I would like to thank…..

“My mom for suggesting that I start this blog in the first place. I was wrapping up my time at junior college and I was very depressed, so she told me I should write a blog as something to do and for a venue for people to read my writings. So I signed up for WordPress and started building my blog into what it is now.

Secondly I would like to thank the Daily Prompt. For the first few weeks I was kind of at a loss of words, but when I discovered the Daily Prompt it was as if the potential for content was boundless. Indeed it is and I soon learned to push myself, to go outside of my element to fulfill a daily quota. Granted I have failed to write every single day, as anyone who follows me may notice. However it has helped to make the craft of blogging a priority in my life and I do it as often as I can.

Second of all, I would like to thank my readers and especially my Followers. You are the ones who determine what blogs succeed and which ones do not. When I launched my blog I honestly didn’t expect many people to look at it; still I decided I would write for whoever may stumble upon it and actually read what I had to say. Eventually I started getting out there, until I am here: accepting this award.

I would go on for longer but I don’t want bore you with my feeble attempt to express how grateful
I am to win this award. Thank you, and good night.”


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7 responses to “First of all I would like to thank…..

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  3. We’re all sitting around hoping someone will visit, aren’t we? Very nice.

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