Freedom vs. Security

Mr. Free: I used to get all my news online, but now I buy newspapers with cash because I don’t wan’t the NSA knowing I like Al Jazeera.

Mr. Secure: That’s preposterous! The NSA does America an invalueble service.

Mr. Free: I don’t consider having my Constitutional rights shredded a service!

Mr. Secure: I’m sure a terrorist would say the same thing! Unless you’re doing something terrible you have no reason to hide what your doing.

Mr. Free: To bad the NSA didn’t get the memo!

Mr. Secure: That’s different. They need to moniter all electronic communication to prevent terrorist attacks!

Mr. Free: I’ll give them that. If they didn’t do all that then they wouldn’t have known that the Tsarnaev brothers frequented Al Qaeda’s website and that they were wiretapped by Russia. Good job foiling them.

Mr. Secure: Well, umm, they can’t stop everything! Without the program all terrorist attacks would go unchecked. Our American liberty could be lost!

Mr. Free: I think it already is.

Mr. Secure: Like Dick Cheney said, Snowden and other whistleblowers are cowards!

Mr. Free: That’s hilarious coming from a guy who got five deferrments from Vietnam! Have you seen Dr. Strangelove by any chance?

Mr. Secure: No, I’ve heard it’s pretty good.

Mr. Free: Well then let’s stop talking politics and watch it.


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