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One Down, 18 To Go

Well my first week of my first university semester is now done. Typical of first days of classes, the period of each class was dedicated largely to handing out and dissecting syllabi. The second periods were more down to business, so right now I am in the “get in the zone before it gets too hectic” mode. My reading load is much heavier than I have EVER had, a total of 17 books not counting various online articles and scholarly papers. Only $200 for all of them, a price which is a steal for a biology textbook that will be obsolete in a few years. I have adjusted quite well to living on campus, I get along with my roommate well and I am getting to know most people in my dorm.

Everything is really quite right now because most people have already driven home for Labor Day weekend. I will be going home tomorrow and will only be staying a night; I feel its too early be visiting home but my mom insisted.

Overall I would say that the transition is going much smoother than I thought it would.

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I love them as a whole

On an individual level it varies greatly. I’ve already blogged about this before, incidently enough while answering other Daily Prompts. Some prompts are excellent, others worth responding to, and some are lame and not worthwhile. As I have said before and will say again, it all depends. However for me the main appeal of the Daily Prompt hasn’t been giving me something to write about on days when nothing about. What I love about the prompts is that it engages a dialogue in the community. We can see how we are alike and how we are different. It is also a great way to get your blog out in the open without blatant self promotion of it.


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The Life and Times of djgarcia94

First of all, let me make it clear that NOBODY (except for maybe some very kind friends and family) would want to watch a movie about my life. My life as I have had it so far, anyway; who knows what may happen down the road. I challenge you to find something that would be film worthy:

I lived in Japan until I was six, which was far too young for me to know the difference between there and America; living on a US Army base especially blurred that. I actually did some modeling for Japanese magazines as they have a big demand for gaijin children so readers will want to get these clothes because Americans supposedly wear them. The first few years following my family’s return to Washington is excrutiatingly dull. After then I was involved with Boy Scouts for several years. My original troop dissolved because my dad was the scoutmaster but he got deployed to Iraq and there was no one to replace him. That was followed by a few years where I was very lonely and depressed much of the time, most of my time was spent playing PC games. Then I joined another troop and while it was very rewarding it would make a horrible movie.

The last few years have been a bit more film worthy. My time at junior college was much like my time in the second troop I was in. I won far more accolades though. I have allready blogged quite a bit about my time in Costa Rica and Montana, so click on those catagories if you want to know more about all that. Here I am now, I have left my Theological literature class and am killing time until my African Civilization class. Every hour seems like a juggle between reading Boethius, Gogol, and the Epic of Sundiata.

If anyone could make a rough concept of adapting any of these events into a film I will be highly impressed.


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First of all I would like to thank…..

“My mom for suggesting that I start this blog in the first place. I was wrapping up my time at junior college and I was very depressed, so she told me I should write a blog as something to do and for a venue for people to read my writings. So I signed up for WordPress and started building my blog into what it is now.

Secondly I would like to thank the Daily Prompt. For the first few weeks I was kind of at a loss of words, but when I discovered the Daily Prompt it was as if the potential for content was boundless. Indeed it is and I soon learned to push myself, to go outside of my element to fulfill a daily quota. Granted I have failed to write every single day, as anyone who follows me may notice. However it has helped to make the craft of blogging a priority in my life and I do it as often as I can.

Second of all, I would like to thank my readers and especially my Followers. You are the ones who determine what blogs succeed and which ones do not. When I launched my blog I honestly didn’t expect many people to look at it; still I decided I would write for whoever may stumble upon it and actually read what I had to say. Eventually I started getting out there, until I am here: accepting this award.

I would go on for longer but I don’t want bore you with my feeble attempt to express how grateful
I am to win this award. Thank you, and good night.”


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I don’t try to be, but…….

Most people think that I am. People laugh at things I say and do on a fairly regular basis. At least in real life, I have no if people do with my posts here. In many of the circles I run with I have acquired a reputation as a Chuck Norris jokes guru. I don’t even think most of the jokes are that funny, but people like them and they have come to expect that I always have a few. Now that I am in a new environment I am trying to avoid being known for that, which I succesfully did at junior college.

For me humor is something I use a method to get people to like me. When I use humor everyone is more comfortable around me, they feel more open. Which is why humor is very important for me.



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Class Hasn’t Started But I’m Already Busy

The early orientation for students of color ended on Thursday, so many of us went to Applebee’s to celebrate. As I noted in “So Apparently I’m a Person of Color,” I was skeptical about going to such a program as I felt it really wasn’t for me. Now I’m really glad that I signed up because I was able to find a circle of friends and the program gave a head start. I actually wasn’t the only White Hispanic who felt the way I did.

On Friday everyone else moved in and I met my roommate, then there were a bunch of activities. Today we did a community service project (as a Benedictine school we are big on that) at Sand in the City, which was lucky because the upperclassman said the freshman service project used to be pulling weeds. After that was done there were a few hours of down time then we went to eat dinner with at the president’s house.

Tomorrow is the last day of incipio, and I am looking forward to attending my first monastic mass.

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So Far, So Good

Last night was my first night sleeping in the dorms. I’m really enjoying the early move in program I discussed a few days ago and have been too busy socializing to be posting. We just got back from a mini amusement park and right now it is down time. I would love to post more, but I need to be heading to the student union building for dinner.


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Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of the My Life

As regular readers probably know, I am moving out of my parents’ house and into campus tomorrow.  Ever since I got my letter of acceptance I have been very excited about finally getting to live on a campus. Now that only one night’s time seperates me from that becoming a reality, I am kind of scared. This is a HUGE turning point for me, most like one of no return. So I find all of it kind of frightening now that I am down to the wire. I’m sure things will be fine. Still, I’m a little nervous.

Now I have to pack my bags, I should have done that hours ago.


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Staying Afloat is Vital to My Wellbeing

Some school quarters (it will be semesters now) are more stressful than others. During the more stressful quarters I am preoccupied with homework and whatever little free time I have is highly treasured. Whether I use those precious opportunities to watch TV or play video games, I feel it is keeping me sane. Without those times, I feel like I would go over the edge. Blogging will be added to that list of sanity preservers as I will try and take at least five minutes out of my busy academic schedule to answer a Daily Prompt.

However, during break I’m not at risk of losing it at all. When school is out I’m not at risk of losing it, I just don’t have any jarring responsibilities other than eductation.



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I wish I read more

My plan for this Summer was to spend most of it reading. When I was younger I read quite a bit but I fell out of habit for several years and I just largely stopped reading for fun. I grew up without cable (so it was a huge deal when I got to watch Spongebob at a friends’ house), and when my family finally got a satellite I started watching TV and not reading as much. When I got a 360 was the final nail, especially since I had about two or three years of games to catch up on.

So it was for the next few years. When I started junior college I began to read a ton, much more than I ever had before. However all that was for school, and then I certainly had no time to read. When I took my creative writing class in my last quarter I had decided that this Summer I would be reading a lot. Well, it didn’t happen. My Summer turned out to be to busy for that, as I went to Disneyland, Montana and Yellowstone, in addition to my overnight campus orientation. When I wasn’t doing any of that I was pretty much either blogging or watching Breaking Bad; which incidently started showing right when I first got satellite but I didn’t start watching until this June when AMC began to replay the entire series to prepare for the Final Episodes.

“I’ll just read some other time!” Was a common thought.

However, when I start university I will finally be reading fiction again. I signed up for a Russian Literature class and a Theological Literature (I’m going to a Benedictine school)one. Both of those have like seven books apiece, so this semester I will more than compensate for my lack of reading this Summer. I have never had any desire to read Anna Karenina, but I will have to. Needless to say I won’t be able to choose what books I will be reading.


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