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Restraint: Pass It On!

The setting: game of 20 questions

Me: Is it a reptile?

My brother: No.

Me: An amphibian?

Brother: Yes.

Me: Frog?

Brother: No.

Me: Toad?

Brother: No.

Me: Newt?

Brother: No.

Me: Salamander?

Brother: No.

Me: Gecko?

Brother: No.

Me: Well what is it?!

Brother: A turtle!

Me: Turtles aren’t amphibians, they’re reptiles!

Couple lines of back and forth arguing I’ll spare you readers from.

Me: Whatever.

Restraint: Pass It On! A message from the Foundation For A Better Life. (corny inspirational music plays)

Then I realized I should get my dictionary and look up turtle, and show him the definition. So I did. I was right.


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