Well let’s see: I found my calling in creative writing, built this blog, finished my time at junior college, went to Disneyland, and got accepted to my first choice of university. To think the year is only halfway done! Next month I’ll be going to Montana and Yellowstone, then not even a week after I return I’ll be moving on campus. In other words, when I get back I will only be home a week before I move into my new home. Man I remember back before I was even in college, hardly anything used to happen all year. Now it seems like each year is more eventful for the last for me.

Yeah, there’s a whole lot going on in my life this year.



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2 responses to “Eventful

  1. That IS eventful! Congratulations on finding your calling. Not always an easy thing to be done. All the best with your studies and all future endeavours. I hope the second half of your year is as eventful, inspiring and enjoyable as the first half has been!

  2. Saajida

    Eventful indeed! Good luck 🙂 campus years are the best years.

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