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The World: An Acrostic

Armenia’s in the Caucasus Mountains

Botswana’s elephants have trunks like fountains

Cambodia has rebuilt Pol Pot’s insane way

Djibouti is real tough to say

Ecuador has the Equator for its namesake

Fiji Water isn’t real, it’s fake

Greece’s economy has gone to pot

Haiti has overcome a lot

Iceland lives up to its name

Jamaica’s reputation is far from tame

Kyrgyzstan must have a storied past

Libya is free at last

Macedonia’s name annoys the Greeks

Norway’s days and nights can last for weeks

Oman exports a ton of oil

Panama’s been through much turmoil

Qatar is the only one that begins with Q

Rwanda’s beauty will enrich you

Serbia won its freedom thanks to their hajducii

Turkey was the oppressing country

Uzbekistan does not like Westernization

Venezuala was thought to be a lost civilization

West and East Germany are seperatated no more

Xanadu is just folklore

Yemen’s in the Middle East

Zimbabwe’s alphebitically last but not by no means least

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School will be returning in my life soon

I’ve already talked about this a bit, but I start university next month. So in a way going to master something kind of is my life right now, granted I intend to get a mere Bachelor’s. By minor coincidence I actually just got back from a campus orientation and class registration. My major is history (I’m very excited about the African hist class I signed up for), and I’m uncertain about my minor.

Would I go back an indefinate length of time later to get my Master’s? Most likely. It would be good to go back, especially to take classes that I wanted to take but wasn’t able to. Even if I don’t go back, there are plenty of other venues for learning. 



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