Come See the Social Network Age!

Ever wonder what life was like a hundred years ago? Visit the Smithsonian’s 2013: The Way We Were exhibit and get a glimpse of that fascinating year!

First thing in the exhibit is getting to go on a mirror of Facebook, the craze that so many dedicated their lives to. At the turn of the Millenium the only way to make friends was to physically interact with them, but Facebook made it possible to make friends with thousand of people you never met!

The content of the Facebook archive is a page spreading the word about overthrowing Muamar Kadafi, one of the many dictators ousted by grassroots revolutions around this time. You will be able to look at some of the weapons used by everyday people to fight oppression.

In 2013 the first Pope from the Americas, Francis, was elected. Many people were moved by his accesability and dedication to the poor. On display will be his humble white vestments, displayed next to his predecesor Benedict XVI’s Liberace-esque style.

Pope Francis is not the only notable South American populist you’ll see here. Visit the exhibit and you will be able to see the mummified body of Venezuala’s Presidente Hugo Chavez! Many were saddened by his death in 2013, so his body was preserved following a long tradition amongst leftist leaders.

After the string of displays dealing with global politics, you will be able to see the Pop Culture of 2013. Look at the outfits of eccentric 2010s pop divas such as Kay Perry and Lady Gaga, and wrap your head around bizarre subcultures of the era like the Hipsters. Listen to songs on the 2013 Top 40, and be able to watch hit shows like Pawn Stars, Adventure Time, and Breaking Bad. Songs and shows will be availible in the gift shop.

In 2013 a whistleblower named Edward Snowden revealed to the public that a government branch called the National Security Administration was cataloging all American phone calls and the internet activity of anyone they were 55% sure was foriegn. We have an interactive map which follows Snowden’s trail as he elluded the government he once worked for. You will be able to see displays which show how monitering was done, and get to control a simulation of drones.

Since we don’t want to end it on an Orwellian note, the exhibit ends with a display of the Britain’s newborn prince George Alexander Louis Windsor.

Call now and reserve your tickets for 2013: The Way We Were!


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