Daily Archives: July 22, 2013

My Stats Don’t Lie

I’d never actually checked my all time stats before. This is the first time and I’ve learned a lot. The most viewed page is my homepage by a landslide with 62 views (for obvious reasons), followed by my About page with 25. The most viewed actual post (3rd overall) is “Sure would be nice not having to worry about my 401k” with 16; I didn’t realize that one was so popular, it probably was because it was a Daily Prompt and had a funny name. Next are “There And Back Again” and “It’s all about customization”, with 10 and 9 views respectively.

Looking at my stats has shown me that all of my most viewed stats are Daily Prompts, and the others aren’t. That goes to show just how useful the Daily Prompts are. Not only do they provide something to write about every day, they also attract people to your blog and publicize your posts. I was dissapointed my posts on art history haven’t drawn much attention, I originally intended for this blog to focus on history and art.

Well I guess now is as good a time to put posts in Catagories as any.



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