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I’m going to get a new home base very soon, actually

As I said a while back, I was got an acceptance letter from the university I applied to and I will be starting late next month. I will be living on campus, with a roommate. Hopefully it will be someone I can at least stand, thankfully I had to fill out a lengthy questionaire that is supposed to match me with someone tolerable. So one month from now I will have moved out. I didn’t think that day would ever come, but I remember when I was like six and I didn’t think I would ever enter my teens. The extent of my new homebase will be limited by the fact I will come back home during break and that I will be able to go home pretty much any weekend I want.

I’ve never lived without a homebase before. As I have said in my post for “Like a Rolling Stone,” I would be interested in living a nomadic life if I had the money to support it. A homebase would be unwanted because it would defeat the purpose, and, even worse, I would have to pay rent or mortage for a house I’m not using. 



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My House is a Bat Cave

A member of my family who shall remain nameless left her window open the other night and a bat flew. We managed to get it out, but not long after we discovered more bats. They are different sizes, meaning that there are indeed multiples. Most disturbing was when I discovered one sleeping in my room. Ick! Now I’m starting to get desensitized to the furry little bastards. Does anyone know of a way to scare them off?

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