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I would observe William Blake

To me, William Blake was one of the greatest geniuses who ever lived. Though his skills were confined to the arts, he proved to be one of the greatest artists who ever lived. In his volumes of poetry and all manner of visual art (except sculpture) he created an elaborate mythology that would not even be attempted again until Tolkein. In terms of art movements his work is generally viewed as an immediate precursor to Romanticism, however, many view it as also being early manifistations of Expressionism and Surrealism. Blake was, of course, rather eccentric and many have a hard time believing his accounts of where he got his inspiration. Did he honestly believe that he actually saw the ghost of a flea? Things like that are why I would want to observe him. There have been many brilliant people, but not many so enigmatic about there proccess. I could see him at work, and find out how he really got his inspiration.

urizen flea


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