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A Castle…..in Dubai

When I read the prompt I thought “hmm, that a toughy. Should I pick a European castle, or something in Dubai?” Then it hit me, how about a castle in Dubai? Why not? Dubai is home to so many ambitious projects that it’s only natural someone would build a castle there. There’s The World, The Palm Islands, Burj al Dubai, the numurous other skyscrapers that have briefly been tallest in the world, and the list goes on. I wouldn’t be surprized if a castle has already been done or is being planned for.

My castle would be on one of Dubai’s many artificial islands. I’m not sure how all that stone would be transported but I’m sure it’s possible, and this is a dream house afterall. It would not be an English Norman or Bavarian castle that most people associate with the word “castle.” Instead it would a Spanish style alcazar. It would be an alcazar because they have strong, if not dominant, influences from Islamic architecture so I think it would fit in better than other types of castles. Plus Spanish alcazars usually have lots of palm trees.

This is what I’m thinking of
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