National Geographic

I know I’m way below their level of what they like to cover, but if I had a choice of anyone to biograph me it would be them. When given a wish, go big or go home I think. What I have in mind is an article in the magazine, not so much an entire book about me. An entire book is just too much, maybe in twelve to fifteen years there will be enough material.

The main reason I want National Geographic to write my story (other than the fact lots of people would see it) is their wizardry with cameras. When I lived in Japan I was too young to think anything of my surroundings, but every NatGeo article on Japan is filled with great pictures. While in Costa rica I literally felt like I was living in a three dimensional NatGeo article. Every time I go to Canada there are some really cool sights, but I haven’t been to any parts where it really felt like I was in another country. My everyday surrounding I don’t think much about, but what I love about National Geographic is that they can take pictures to make any story great.

In case you are wondering, yes, I would like them to do it because the pictures would compensate for shortages of interesting events in my life.


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