No me gusta los esportos

Sports could hardly interest me less. I’ve never been a very physical person, so I’ve never played any sport that was more taxing than super modified soccer or flag football. Being physical yourself is hardly a requirement for liking to watch sports, but I don’t like to do that either. American football is hands down the most boring thing I can think of, why anyone would find watching that entertaining is beyond me. Baseball isn’t much better to me, but at least I know what is going on. Basketball isn’t boring but it’s just not my thing. Now if I was to get into watching a sport it would be football (or soccer if my fellow Americans insist), it’s easy to see why the world resonates with that football and not America’s football. I was in Costa Rica during the EuroCup and it sure was a big deal despite the fact CR cannot compete in it for hopefully obvious reasons. However, I do enjoy watching the Olympics. Bringing the World together for a couple weeks every two years may trivialize getting me to watch sports, but the latter is quite the achievement.

By contrast my brother is an accomplished attitude, some might call him a “jock” had it not been for his sportsmanship. He plays baseball, and American football, and wrestles; so he pretty much is playing sports year round. That is just one of the many reasons many people are surprized to learn we are brothers.

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