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Sure would be nice not having to worry about my 401k

How I would fare in a barter system is anyone’s guess. Personally I’m really not sure how I would do in it. Maybe I would do very well, maybe I wouldn’t last. Could be somewhere in the middle, who knows? Hell, I’m not even sure what product(s) I would produce to trade with other people. Thinking about living in a barter system is like looking at the past, fun to observe but you wouldn’t want to live in it.  Has anyone visited Viking Lady Aine’s blog? She makes all kinds of goods that would make her wealthy by barter. http://vikingladyaine.wordpress.com/comment-page-1/

What I do know is that a barter system today would call for such a radical restructure of the fabric of society that the powers that be would never allow it to  be implemented. Having said that, the only way it could be implemented is if said powers were gone or at least greatly diminished. Imagine Goldman Sachs or the handful of other surviving Big Banks trying to switch to barter. They built an empire on doing stupid shit with others peoples’ money, it would be hilarious to see them attempt getting by with trading products they actually made. I don’t think Wall Street players would be able to have half Bolivia’s GDP up their nasal passages anymore, and they would have to settle for twelve racoon pelt escorts. Lol, Inside Job was on TV the other day and this got me thinking about all that.

Overall I would say that those who would do best in a barter economy are



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