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I’m so excited! Yesterday, I recieved an acceptance letter from the four year university I applied to! I’ve been waiting for that letter ever since I ended my time at community college, so it feels so good to have finally recieved it. As the waiting went on I was increasingly nervous that I might not have been accepted. I was mostly confident that I did, but I was afraid that maybe I wouldn’t be able to get in for the Fall semester because of how late I turned in my GED, SAT, and ACT. Time sure is flying, I will be moving in on campus in just seven weeks. It still seems like only yesterday I was sitting down for my first English 101 period.

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If I lived a nomadic lifestyle I think I would spend most of my time in Europe. Going to Europe is something I have wanted to do for years and I think it would be the perfect place to be a nomad. Western Europe anyway, I don’t know that I would want to go to Belarus, Moldova, or such, I hope no possible readers from said nations are offended by that. There is so much in Europe so I think that wandering there would be amazing, there’s a reason why Rick Steves has been able to make quite a career out of visiting there. Particular things I would want to visit are the Uffizi, Romanesque Cathedrals, the Oseberg Ship, and local seasonal festivals. I also think that Western Europe is ideal for practical purposes, such as efficient public transportation, easy to cross borders, the Euro outside of UK, Scandinavia and Switzerland, and relative peace (granted there has been a lot of civil unrest in many of the countries in the last few years). What interests me most about travel is culture, and Europe has many.

There are many places outside of Europe which I would also like to go there. Tangier, Morocco is definately a place I would spend time due to it being a long time haven for drifters and nomads. Egypt and Turkey are also places I’ve always wanted to visit, but at this moment they are not places I want to visit anytime soon. Finally Latin America is the other region I think would like to wander around, particularly Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.

There are many other places I would like to go, these places I just mentioned are the ones that stand out. Of course, if I was a nomad I’m sure I would end up everyplace I wanted to go and then some.




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