Daily Archives: July 6, 2013

It’s about the same

Photography isn’t something that I have that much experience doing, but when I am taking pictures I’m perfectly comfortable doing it and I’m just as comfortable having my picture taken. I don’t like having my pictures widely availible for everyone to see, which is why I don’t have any up here and I’m not on Facebook, appearing in pictures doesn’t bother me otherwise.

In writing the situation is a little different. I write a lot, I want to be a professional writer, and I use this blog as an outlet for writing. That’s the way it has been since I started college, I realized I had a talent for writing and I decided it should be part of my life much the same way photography is for many people on WordPress. However I have no knowledge of anyone who has written about me, so I can’t truly say whether or not I would be comfortable with it. I would be flattered if somebody wanted to write about me, so realistically I would say that I would be as comfortable being written about as I am writing; however I would be somewhat nervous about the content. Never know what people might say!



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