I don’t like to talk about this but…..

I have Asperger’s Syndrome. Most people are very surprized to learn that I have it, even people who know me very well. A couple years of occupational therapy will really pay off, especially when you have it as mildly as I do. I was ten or eleven when I was diagnosed, and that was probably the most devastating thing I have ever experienced. Up until that point I thought I was “normal,” so finding out I was not neurotypical was something that brought me a lot of shame and depression. The worst part was the constant fear that others might find out about it, to me having a my friends find out would have been traumatic.

Suffice to say I wished I had never been diagnosed. My mom said that several people earlier had told her they suspected I had some form of autism; which highly offended her since at the time she was under the impression that all autism was like Rain Man, not a Spectrum which is how doctors describe it. Of course, if I was never diagnosed I would have never had therapy. If I never had therapy I wouldn’t be nearly as succesfull as I am now and most people probably wouldn’t be able to stand me. How much has the occupational therapy worked? Enough for me to want to share all of this.



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