Two Roads Diverge in a Yellowed Wood

I’m one of those people who are always speculating on what might have been. As far as I am concerned, even the slightest detail may affect everything from that point forward, even if we are not aware of it. Actually, I was just thinking about what would have happened if I stayed home last week. Most likely I would have just stayed home and did the same old same old, I certainly would have posted on the 24th to the 29th. Many people say that Disneyland will give you happy memories for the rest of your life, which I guess it did but it was hardly lifesaving. Had I not gone I would have regretted it, but going was hardly lifechanging to my knowledge.

When I went to Costa Rica was a different matter entirely. There my entire outlook on life was changed and I know that my interaction with some of the people I met had a major impact on their lives. A year ago I doing work in the area where my background photo was taken. Only now am I starting to fully see just how much the trip has impacted me. When I first found out about the trip I was hesitant, because I didn’t think I could raise enough funds. Had I not gone I would have deeply regretted it, most of those who decided not to go now really wish they did.

There have been relatively few times in my life where I had to make a decision that I know was a game changer; but those times I have experienced have been truly memorable.


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6 responses to “Two Roads Diverge in a Yellowed Wood

  1. I haven’t been to Disney in over 10 years. There is nothing life changing there save never wanting to get a tattoo again.

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