Being a 20th Century Boy? It’s a mixed bag.

I know this prompt was from a couple days ago but I was just catching up since I was gone and thought this was an interesting topic. Anyway, back to the prompt. As the post title suggests, there are things I really like about living when I do and things I do not. Most of this has to do with dreams to become a published author. Living when I do has made the entire writing process easier than was ever possible before, even twenty years. With word processing outlining, drafting, and editing documents requires almost no physical effort. I doubt I would want to write if I had to use a typewriter (I might have been used to it if that’s what I grew up with), and I know I wouldn’t if I had to do it by hand. Hell, I’ve never even had to use a bottle of white-out!

I am highly troubled by the fact everything is going digital. Now many people are convinced in ten years or so print media will be nonexistent. I doubt it will be that extreme, I think there will always be some things that are still printed. However, I believe at the rate digitization is going we will enter what people centuries later will consider a Dark Age. By most definitions a dark age is a time in history where there are very few surviving primary sources; which is likely what would happen with most of our media being digital. In a post apocalyptic (or such) scenario I doubt anything digital would survive. With less physical sources the chances of what was printed surviving would be slim. Okay, all that is sensationalized speculation but I really could see that happening. I don’t know why is is that digitization bothers me so much but it does.


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  1. I recently switched templates from a simple beginner format to one with a bit more zip. It revitalized my blog! The more one blogs, the more chances one’s blog will be seen. If it’s any good and has interest, one start seeing improvement in the subs. I’m happy I changed templates!

    Your template is very interesting. I like it!

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