I’ll be on hiatus until Thursday

I’ll be vacationing in California for the next few days and I probably won’t be on here until I’m back home.

On a slightly related note, tomorrow is also the one year anniversary of a mission trip I went on in Costa Rica (which is where the picture of my page’s background was taken). It was a lifechanging experience, and it has changed the way I view the world forever. The purpose of the trip wasn’t to preach to people, instead we did a wide range of service project. Most prominent of these was building a home for a young couple and their baby. For our standards the home would not be one we would think of living in, but by the standards of the slum that it was built in it was the best home one could ask for. By an even greater coincidence, when I return home it will be the first anniversary of building their house.

Man, I remember waiting excitedly about getting to go on that trip; it took a year of preparing and fundraising and didn’t seem like it would ever come. Here I am a year later and Costa Rica seems like a distant memory. Time sure flies when you live your life.


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