Got My SAT score

It was a 1310, which is below average but above passing. Most of what brought it down was math, but turns out that I only got half credit for my essay because I wasn’t able to write a full lenghth of two pages. I can type quickly but I’m not so good at writing by hand, if I had more time I would have knocked it out of the park. Thankfully I have two letters of recommendation and the grades to show I am an adept writer. Besides the SAT is an estimate of how well you’ll do if you haven’t started college, and I’ve got two years down. My ACT score is likely better, but I need a score ASAP so I will have to settle for what I got on the SAT.

It feels so good having my score in, especially since my depression has come back somewhat since it was Graduation Day yesterday. With an SAT sent out I am yet another step closer to transfering; and getting graduating with a degree that would take precedance over the AA I couldn’t earn. 


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