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Met my goal for my last quarter!

Grades aren’t scheduled to be posted until tomorrow, but I checked today and they were all posted early for me. I got a 4.0 in every class, which was my goal for my last quarter. I’d figured I would meet that goal since all three classes were pretty easy and I’d already gotten 4.0s from each professor. Now I am finished with community college as a Presidential Scholar. I’ve made the President’s List and the Dean’s list a couple times, but taking harder classes like math, biology, and Spanish brought my GPA down noticably; so I’m very happy to have made it back on now. Tomorrow is also when my SAT score will be released, I have my fingers crossed for that. The ACT scores could come out any time between now and into August, so I will probably have to settle with sending in whatever I got for the SAT.

Another step closer to transferring! 

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Tagline? Bah!

You know what? I don’t need a tagline! Certainly don’t want one, thank you. Why would I wan’t to reduce myself to some cheesy one liner? Maybe if I was 007, some ’80s action star, or Freddy Kruger I might; but I Iike to think I’m more complex than any of them. If I chose a tagline, I fear I would be defined by said tagline. However if I really must have a tagline (which I don’t) I guess it would be djgarcia94 | The Most Interesting Man In the World. Only there’s one significant problem with that, someone THAT interesting would need a tagline less than I do.



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