In Washington we call it “singing”

I’m from Washington. I live in a giant rainforest! Describing my perfect rainy day would be like describing my perfect day; well other than the fact that my perfect day wouldn’t have rain. Actually, the weather has been really nice lately. By really nice I mean high 72, low 60. That’s Farenheit, sorry it’s kind of embarrasing but I forget how to convert to Celsius. Most lifelong Washintonians don’t mind the rain all that much, but people who moved from elsewhere are often depressed by it. Usually I don’t think twice about the rain, but the last rainy spell coincided at the time my depression was it it’s height and I suspect a connection.

It should be noted I am talking strictly about Western Washington. Eastern Washington is a giant desert where they grow onions and potatoes, everytime I go through there I feel like I’m Lesser Idado. Interestingly the apples that everyone associates with Washington are from the Eastern half.


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