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The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil

Today is World Day Against Child Labor, which activists use to spread awareness about his important issue. It amazes me how many people honestly believe that slavery is over, that it’s something Lincoln ended. Sadly, that’s just not true and slavery is a fact of life all over the world; despite the fact is officially banned in every country except for a few in North Africa. World Day Against Child Labor focueses on what many experts call “wage slavery,” where workers are paid for their labor but its not adequate compensation for the ammount of labor done. Child labor hasn’t been legal in the US and most developed countries for decades, but there are still many third and second world countries which still do; as well as the fourth world nations that have some form of industry. 

What I find most alarming is that a huge chunk of these factories are owned by American business interests, because our captains of industry are greedy bastards who feel no guilt paying Bengladeshi or Honduran workers 50 cents an hour. Some people argue that if these kids didn’t work, their families would likely starve. Unfortunately there is some truth to that, but if adults in these countries got a decent minimum wage they would be able to afford having their kids go to school instead of work. But the lack of minimum wage and other basic regulations are what attracts Americans to set up factories in such places in the first place. Companies save untold money doing so,and wouldn’t be able to pull half that shit in America. Anyway, today is a day dedicated to raise awareness for an issue I think is very important, so please spread the news.

Here is an article with an informative slideshow and some links to useful sites:


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